Global School of Theology Vision

It is the purpose of the Global School of Theology to develop a theology school that will train church leaders in the necessary skills to take struggling churches and turn them into thriving churches through observation – knowledge – discipleship – understanding and apostleship – wisdom.  This is not a project or program oriented concept but a relationship and lifestyle based paradigm shift in Church Leadership. The goal is to develop leaders who can apply godly wisdom in their processes, who lead first by character and example, who develop healthy relationships in mentoring, who are focused on reproduction of disciples and apostles, and whose lives leave a legacy of righteousness.  No degree program can impart all the knowledge one will need, but we desire to create both the process and the passion for life-long learning.


Global School of Theology Mission Statement

It is the mission of Global School of Theology to develop a billion godly men and women who “go and make disciples of all nations … teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”  The school will provide life-long learning classes in all areas of study to the global church using modern computer and communication technology.  The classes will be affordable, money-wise, location-wise, time-wise and convenience-wise.  As each student is enrolled in the Global School of Theology they will be assigned a mentor.  Each student will begin learning how to live as a true disciple of Our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST.  As each student lives the life of a disciple, through the power given to them by the HOLY SPIRIT, they will be encouraged in the process of loving those around them.  As each student matures in the discipleship process they will begin leading their church and become a mentor to those entrusted to them by the LORD for the duplication of the discipleship process.  This method will continue until the LORD returns.  Perhaps he will tarry long enough that we can successfully reach the entire globe.  Learn, Live, Love, Lead.

Bruce Kaufmann